Exterior of 学生住房 at 火博体育.

学生住房 and Residence Life

A 社区 Built on Success

SJC 学生住房 Application is now available!

The Suite Life is at 火博体育

Go from your bed to breakfast to Biology class in just minutes. Watch TV with your new best friends in the common area. Have easy access to the library and dedicated study areas just down the hallway.

This residential life is possible for you with Nizhóní Sunrise Suites, our brand new student housing building. You can live, learn, and play right on the 火博体育 campus.

Nizhóní Sunrise Suites, our three-floor building can house up to 150 students. You will live in single or double-occupancy units. Nizhóní Sunrise Suites offers plenty of amenities for residents like free on-site laundry, 快速无线, 和停车.

在Nizhóní日出套房, you'll find supportive staff who will help you to make the most of your college life. Resident Assistants (student leaders) will help you transition to college life by creating a supportive and fun environment. 

And living on campus means quick access to college resources, such as the 火博体育 Tutoring Center 火博体育 Computer Lab.

Whether you want a shorter commute or a residential college experience, Nizhóní Sunrise Suites is the place for you!


Since you'll be living on campus, you'll feel more connected to our community and get into the 火博体育 spirit. You'll make friends with your neighbors, 寻找学习伙伴, and walk or bike to class in just a few minutes.

Your new home will be convenient to everything—from classes to campus events to hiking trails. Our staff and resident assistants will provide support, and our 24小时 校园安全 will keep you safe.

A supportive environment is as important to your success as professors and books. Find your new home at Nizhóní Sunrise Suites.


Fully furnished bedrooms with shared bathrooms


Floor Plans and Pricing for Occupancy and Meals

Double Occupant, same gender room with a private sink and a shared bathroom 
2 beds per room | 4 persons sharing bathroom
成本:2523美元.50/semester/person + meal plan of choice

Check out the Double Occupancy Room and live the Suite Life!

Single Occupant with a shared, same gender bathroom
1 bed per room | 4 persons sharing bathroom
Cost: $2,884/semester/person + meal plan of choiceExplore the Single Occupancy with Shared Bathroom in the SJC Suites!


  • 19 meals per week at Mary’s Kitchen
  • $100 in flex dollars/semester*
  • $3,000.00 /学期/人


  • 15 meals per week at Mary’s Kitchen
  • $150 in flex dollars/semester*
  • $2,700.00学期/人


  • 10 meals per week at Mary’s Kitchen
  • $200 in flex dollars/semester*
  • $2,175.00 /学期/人

*Flex dollars can be used at Mary’s Kitchen without the use of a meal swipe.

All individuals that live on campus are required to purchase a meal plan. When completing the student housing application, you will be prompted to select the meal plan of your choice.

How do I 应用 for 学生住房?

  1. 登录到 MySJC.* 
  2. Scroll to the "学生住房 at 火博体育" section.
  3. Click on "应用 for 学生住房".
  4. Answer the application questions and click "CONTINUE".
  5. You will receive an email instructing you to make the $150 payment and to upload proof of payment. 
  6. After reviewing terms and conditions, sign and submit. 
  7. Click "CONTINUE" until you receive confirmation of your application submission. 

Room assignments begin in June.  

视图 火博体育 Housing Handbook (PDF) for information and important guidelines on being a member of the student housing community. 

*Please note, only full-time students admitted to 火博体育 (12 credit hours) may apply. If you're not yet a student, apply to 火博体育 today!

If you have any questions, please email housing@new-england-dental-group.com